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FREE Winter Health Check

FREE 25 Point Winter Health Check

With winter fast approaching why not bring your car in for a FREE 25 point Winter Health Check.

Our technicians will check your car to make sure it is fit and healthy and ready for winter. All vital fluids will be checked for you too

Washer Fluid
Brake Fluid


Call your local Tustain Motors dealership today:

Ashington - 01670 844941

Alnwick - 01665 511786

Berwick - 01289 333231

Haddington - 01620 822969

Hawick - 01450 376028

*The 25-Point Check is a visual vehicle inspection of certain parts of the vehicle only, carried out by a Vauxhall Retailer. It does not comprise a full assessment of the condition of the vehicle and the vehicle driver remains responsible for monitoring and maintaining the vehicle in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Any recommendations made by the inspecting Vauxhall Retailer do not comprise representations of Vauxhall Motors Limited. Recommended remedial work will be chargeable. If you choose not to have any remedial work done, your Vauxhall Retailer may recommend that certain essential work be carried out on the grounds of safety before you drive your vehicle. Checks are subject to availability. Top-up quantity limited to a maximum of ½ litre. Additional quantities will be advised and with customer consent, charged accordingly. Vauxhall Motors Limited accept no responsibility for the 25-Point Check carried out by your Vauxhall Retailer. Offer ends 24th December 2017. Correct at time of publication.