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OnStar- Your Personal Onboard Assistant !

With a range of services, OnStar is sure to make your drive that little bit easier.....

Smartphone Function- Remote control for your car- using your smartphone app you can:-

Display key diagnostics like Tyre pressures, Oil & Fuel Levels.
Lock and unlock your car doors remotely.
Locate your vehicle should you forget where you parked it.
Send your desitination direct to your Sat Nav via your Smartphone app.

Stolen Vehicle Assist-Hot on the Thieves Heels:-

OnStar can confirm if your car has been stolen.
Once the theft is reported to the Police, OnStar can start searching for your car.
OnStar's GPS technology will confirm your vehicles location.
If the theif turns off the engine, OnStar can deactivate the ignition, effectively immobilising your car.

Automatic Crash Repsonce-Your Guardian Angel:-

If you have an accident and can't call for help, OnStar reacts instantly.
You'll be intantly connected to an advisor who will talk to you (in your language) via your hands-free speakerphone.
Emergency Services immediately head to the accident scene should your accident warrant it.

Destination Download-Straight to the Point:-

OnStar is always ready to help should your require information regarding destinations, directions or locations, just hit the Service button and your advisor will pinpoint your destination and send it straight to your Sat Nav which also enables you to switch destination easily en-route should you wish.

WIFI- In - Car Hot Spot for all:-

With OnStar supporting upto seven devices, this can help you creat an in-car
Wi-fi hotspot, making a journey easier and of course more fun.
Using a powerful roof Antenna, it reliably connects you to a high-speed internet service.

Vehicle Diagnostics- Because prevention is better than cure:-

OnStar keeps you up-to date with your car's health helping you avoid unexpected repairs.
Your On-Star advisor can assess your vehicle remotely once you have pressed your Service button should you have a warning light appear, advising you if you need a technician or not.
If you do need a Technician, we shall send your nearest Vauxhall Dealer's address direct to your Sat Nav.
Should you request, OnStar can also send you a monthy email showing you your car's oil level, tyre pressures and other data helping you stay in control.