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Vauxhall Fixed Price Repair Program



FIXED PRICE REPAIR MENU                                       ADAM CORSA VIVA             ASTRA           ZAFIRA       INSIGNIA MOKKA

FOR YOUR VAUXHALLS 2 YEARS & OLDER               TIGRA ANGILA                    MERIVA                            CASCADA VECTRA


Brake pads, front or rear                                                        £119                           £119            £119                   £129

Heavily worn pads are less effective at stopping you

safely and can damage your brake discs leading to a 

more costly repair.


Break pads and discs, front or rear                                     £239                          £249            £249                   £269            

Worn or corroded discs can cause brake judder and 

unsafe braking


Cambelts should be changed in line with recommended             £239                          £239              £239                   £279

service intervals to avoid failure which could see costly

damage to your engine


Shock Absorbers, front*                                                         £239                          £339              £339                  £339

Worn shock absorbers can lead to premature tyre wear

poor ride quality and extended braking distances                                             



The first sign of a faulty clutch is slipping and difficult

gear changing. This can lead to complete failure                £449                        £569               £649                   £649