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Vehicle Service and MOT

It's a chore not a pleasure!


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Let's face it; getting your vehicle serviced isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but it's important to understand why getting your vehicle serviced is good for you, your vehicle and your safety.

Here are some of the features of our Service Department:

We offer FIXED PRICE QUOTES for all servicing and repairs

  • FREE Courtesy Cars some with fully intergrated Bluetooth
  • FREE Collection & Delivery (local area)
  • MOTs
    • Class 4 - Ashington, Haddington and Dennis Common Branches
    • Class 4 & 7 - Alnwick and Berwick Branches
    • Class 4 & 7 including Hackney Carriage Test - Berwick Branch
  • Air Conditioning serviced & repaired
  • SMART repair estimates
  • Genuine Vauxhall Parts (12mth unlimited warranty)
  • Computerised Workshop Loading
  • Fully trained Vauxhall / Subaru / SsangYong and Isuzu technicians ( Branch specific )
  • Full Vauxhall / Subaru/ SsangYong and Isuzu Diagnostic Systems ( Branch sepcific )
  • Friendly explanation of all Invoices.

Why is a service good for you?

No one likes the idea of a breakdown, it's stressful and it causes hassle - but a high percentage of breakdowns could be avoided by regular checks and servicing.

How can a service save me money in the long run?

The cornerstone of any engine service is an oil and oil filter change, and by doing so at the manufacturer's recommended service intervals (or sooner) you will prolong the life of your vehicle's engine.

This is because the lubricating properties of engine oil "deteriorate" over time as they protect the engine. Changing the oil filter is equally as important since an oil filter traps any particulates within the oil, picked up from the engine's internals and protects the engine from further damage. As the oil filter captures more and more particulates it begins to clog up. As a result, the amount of oil your vehicle's oil pump can push through the oil filter can be reduced, potentially causing engine damage.

How can a service reduce the risk of a breakdown?

The items that are checked and recommended for replacement at the various service intervals, in addition to oil and oil filter, is determined by the manufacturer, relying on their knowledge and experience of impending failure and wear of certain components. But rest assured, safety related items, such as tyres and brakes, are always checked regardless of what service your vehicle is booked in for.

Protecting your investment

More often than not, if your vehicle has a full service history, particularly one from a franchise garage, then it is likely to be worth more if you decide to trade it in or sell it, than a vehicle with an incomplete service history.

Service you can trust

By bringing your vehicle to us, you are not only getting competitive prices which have been checked locally, but you are getting a service you can trust:

  • Your vehicle will always be fitted with genuine approved parts
  • Fully synthetic oil used
  • All work will be carried out by fully trained Vauxhall / Subaru / SsangYong / Isuzu technicians who have access to all the latest tools and diagnostic equipment ( branch specific )

Plus, because we are specialists in servicing and repairs, we have speedy access to the right parts, therefore, reducing the time and inconvenience of having your vehicle off the road.