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Winter Tyres

Get a Grip with Winter Tyres

Get a Grip with Winter Tyres

Get a grip !
With WInter Tyres starting from ONLY £45.99 fitted !

Changing your tyres to Winter Tyres can save lives... giving you better grip therefore giving you better stopping distance in the snow and icey conditions. DID YOU KNOW.... that when temperatures are below 7 degrees celcious, you could stop 11 meters sooner with winter tyres than you would with normal summer tyres !!!

We will also carry out a complimentary vehicle health check whilst your car is with us, assuring you safe driving thoughout the winter... we will even top up your levels FREE of charge too !!

Give us a call TODAY to make sure your streets ahead and safe this winter:-

Ashington -01670 844941

Alnwick - 01665 511786

Berwick - 01289 333231

Haddington - 01620 822969

Hawick - 01450 376028