Subaru Forester E-Boxer
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The all-new Forester e-BOXER is the first self-charging hybrid from Subaru. You can expect the same 5-star safety, go-anywhere capability, and rugged reliability that Subaru SUVs are renowned for – with the added benefits of battery based power. And all without the need to plug in to recharge. All-new Forester is built on Subaru’s Global Platform (SGP) – offering improved all-around safety, better stability and handling, and enhanced ride quality – and is fitted with a host of new technology as standard.

Tough, practical and virtually indestructible, the all-new Forester will never let you down. Whatever the weather, wherever you want to go, this workhorse will get you there. It’s calm, understated and up for any challenge.



The Forester’s e-BOXER engine has a longitudinally-mounted horizontally-opposed configuration. The pistons are placed 180 degrees apart allowing a lower, flatter engine profile. This gives the powerplant - and therefore the whole car - a lower centre of gravity. This more balanced weight distribution gives the Forester exceptional handling and poise.

When you pull away at low speeds in the Forester e-BOXER, the electric motor alone does the heavy lifting. When you’re driving along, the e-BOXER petrol engine drives the car – but also recharges the battery. When you accelerate both the engine and the motor provide power together. The electric motor power assistance – Motor Assist – is completely automatic. It works seamlessly with the e-BOXER engine to give you a cleaner, efficient, and rewarding drive.

Always-on Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive distributes maximum power to all four wheels all of the time, which means better traction on wet and slippery roads. The entire drive system, from the e-BOXER engine to the rear differential, is mounted in a straight symmetrical line, providing exceptional stability, traction and improved performance and is standard across the Subaru SUV range.

SUBARU’s Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) moves between a span of gear ratios to provide smooth acceleration while keeping the engine at its optimal rev range. Lineartronic preserves momentum that is often lost during gear changes on a manual or traditional automatic transmission, maintaining traction by continuously providing power to the wheels at all times.

X-MODE gives you control you can rely on at the push of a button, taking control of the engine, transmission, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, brakes, and other components to help you navigate extreme terrain confidently. When X-MODE is activated, Hill Descent Control automatically maintains a constant speed when travelling downhill: all you have to do is steer.

A 220mm ground clearance shuns uneven ground – allowing the Forester e-BOXER to negotiate rocky, rutted tracks or even ford streams with ease.

Forester’s towing capacity of up to 1870kg lets you hitch up a loaded trailer or caravan whenever the need arises. The towing capacity of Subaru’s e-BOXER range is one of the best in its class due to the smaller battery design and its positioning, positively influencing the weight of the vehicle.


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