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About Us

How it all started...

How it all started...

John Tustain, Brian Baxter and David Storey have enjoyed successful careers in the motor trade for many years. Back in 2010 they emabrked upon an exciting new venture with the launch of a new Northumberland based Vauxhall dealer....Tustain Motors.

John Tustain spent a large part of his career as Chief Executive of one of the largest privately owned automotive companies in the UK. His passion and drive for good, honest customer care, is he believes, what determines the success of a business and is what unites John, Brian and David.

Director, David Storey says " Brian and I, under the guidance of John, had a lot of success running large Vauxhall dealerships. We enjoyed fantastic working relationships not only with each other but also our teams and our customers. The opportunity to re-create this was just too good to miss! So we did it and the rest as they say is history!"

Managing Director, Brian Baxter, was of a similar mind set, he says "It was time to give it a go! We all shared the same business principles of being friendly, helpful, honest and reliable, principles which would set the tone and culture of our business and still does today". 

So, if you are a regular Tustain Motors customer or if you're about to walk into one of our dealerships or check us out online for the first time, one thing is certain..... you're in good hands!